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Tauranga Club
Feb 23, 2018
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
The Great K Valley Adventure Race'.
Kopurereua Valley Reserve - 17th Avenue West (adjacent to Historic Village).
Mar 03, 2018
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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Barry Fredheim - LJ Hooker Real Estate
Antoon Moonen
Graham Cornes - Matua Lodge B&B
Pat Taylor
Katy Scott - outbound Rotary exchange student
Dan Allen-Gordon
Ron Scott - Katy’s father
Dan Allen-Gordon
The final meeting of 2017 was graced with the presence (for the nth consecutive year) of – wait for it – SANTA! Lots of Ho Ho Hos from he of the real and false white beard but firstly there were a few announcements:
  • Don't forget to order your breakfast at The Raft for the 1st meeting of 2018 (5th January)
  • Huge verbal bouquet from Foodbank for all those who helped out. Some 3093 incoming items were counted
  • More thanks from Sailability via their Newsletter
  • Barbara is still shy of a few volunteers to help out at the cricket 3rd and 7th January
  • 'Build a Rat Trap' volunteer sheet was passed round
  • Our outgoing scholar, Katy, was presented with her Rotary blazer by David Robinson. She leaves for Austria on 9th January and we all look forward to her keeping in touch .
Santa then blustered his way through various fines, despite being upstaged by Ron Devlin. Mayor Greg has been featured (if that's the right word) in NZ Women's Weekly magazine, ostensibly as one of the best dressed men in the country. Gifts were distributed by Santa's little (well, not so little) helpers. and caused equal amounts of hilarity and bemusement. Notable gifts were blow-up dolls (both sexes), beach glass holders and bits to help the aspiring chef go Italian.
The inevitable 12 Days of Christmas was 'sung' with Number 5 once again gaining the 'Most Enthusiastic' award. For those who weren't there, or couldn't hear, the days went thus:
First                 The Toastmaster's new metal knee
Second             Only two newbee members
Third                Three Paul Harris Fellows
Fourth              Four political guest speakers
Fifth                 Five Friday Fives
Sixth                Six Club Committees
Seventh           Seven Community collections
Eighth              Eight Whisky Galore drams
Ninth               Nine member resignations
Tenth               Ten backup roles for Pat
Eleventh          Eleven 'Have Funs' with Ursula
Twelfth            Twelve reminders from Eric
Read, learn, mark and inwardly digest so we can get the singing right next year.
Despite Eric's dictate, Ron F provided 2 Parting Thoughts:
'Its amazing that the amount of news that happens in life would every day just exactly fit the newspaper'
'We owe a lot to Thomas Edison. if it wasn't for him we would be watching television in the dark'
That's it. Goodbye 2017 – Hello 2018. Best wishes on behalf of all your Bulletin editors
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1st meeting of 2017 at the Raft
1st meeting at the Tauranga Club
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