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Jul 21, 2018 6:00 PM
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Jul 24, 2018
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60 something
Visitors: Pat's family and friends and lots of partners (not Pat's - everybody's). No, that's not right - oh, you know what I mean. Onward dear readers, onward

Handover – Oh what a night!

Pat takes the chair

Double honour for Past President Ron Fyfe

Sunshine awards resurrected and given to worthy recipients



The Charthouse was the venue for Handover on Friday night with a theme of Hats and Feathers. The vast majority 'conformed' in one way or another, with some interesting (and colourful) interpretations. MC Ron Devlin, as irreverent as ever, took charge of the proceedings and outlined the format for the evening. A sumptuous repast was then served, served by provocatively clad young ladies. What a menu! Canapés including smoked salmon rillettes, accompanied by a vintage Dom Perignon champagne, thoughtfully provided by the Incoming President; specially imported Russian caviare on blinis and the rarest of rare Wagyu beef, followed by a fish entrée of line caught bluefin tuna sashimi. The main course was whole suckling pig, with sides of elegantly prepared and exotic vegetables, cooked to perfection.

The dessert drew loud applause when it was wheeled in. An ice carving of Tauranga Harbour (complete with boats), adorned with shards of chocolate, flown in that very morning from Ghana and the most delicious fruits. The list went on and on. Truly a spectacular banquet. Well worth the ticket price

The Wayne and David show gave a resume of the year, culminating in the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow Award to Ron Fyfe (the true instigator of the Savealife project). More was, however, yet to come as Ron was called back to hear the citation of his work away from Rotary in his professional profession of optometry.

For all this, Ron was presented with a Sapphire pin - well deserved on both counts.


Pat then took over the microphone and gave a very upbeat outline of his intentions for the coming year and presented Sunshine Award Certificates to Wayne, David and Larissa. 3 more Awards are still to be presented as the recipients were not there. Lots to do - lots of fun - lots of commitment. Could be a goody. His allotted time being exhausted, the President promised that he would adhere to the 8am deadline at each meeting from now on............





(Martin Luther King)

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