BULLETIN 23 February 2018

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Tauranga Club
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Tauranga Club
Feb 23, 2018
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
The Great K Valley Adventure Race'.
Kopurereua Valley Reserve - 17th Avenue West (adjacent to Historic Village).
Mar 03, 2018
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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Clinton Naude Speaker
Barry Fredheim - LJ Hooker Real Estate
Antoon Moonen
Today is the 113th Anniversary of the foundation of Rotary (See Sergeant's Session report)
Dave W again asked for volunteers to cover the 2 remaining slots for the Pak n Save sales day for 8 March. Sadly no take up yet. 9 – 11 and 1 – 3 are the last two. C'mon somebody!
Wayne is on the prowl to police vet anyone who may or may not need it for RYPEN. Also some info about famous cyclists helping out for Good Neighbour. More to follow
Warren S again promoted the Get on Yer Bike day next weekend
Barry Vercoe promised to lose his shirt if he didn't get a  sell out at his concert during Tauranga Musica 7 October at TBC, so if seeing Barry topless is not your scene – get your tickets well in advance(
Julie gave fair warning about wanting questions about the forthcoming proposed subs increase. She obviously has all the answers ready
Friday Fives tonight
Clinton Naude gave an insight into the operation of Civil Defence Emergency Management. They look after emergencies via 16 controllers Bay-wide. There has been a dramatic increase in incidents, notably following cyclones Debbie and Cook and more recently Gita. They are able to call in lots of support for a quick and effective response. There have also been national reviews following the Port Hills fire and others, resulting in a ministerial recommendation that  even more response is needed.
Clinton then went on to ram home the 'Get Ready – Get Thru' message What would YOU do if there was no water/power/internet/phone. What happens if you are stuck at home or at your office or even have to evacuate (property, that is – not personally, although on second thoughts.....)  NEVER HAPPENS – HAPPENS' is the new tagline
Interesting to see how many of our members are already prepared with such measures
To Do list: Download the Red Cross app but remember to adjust your preferences
Use social network sites which give huge quick coverage
Trivia to finish. What happens if White Island erupts? Although it is uninhabited, there are usually around 60 visitors a day, so the CD's guardian angel needs to look after them as well
SERGEANT BRETT donned a very fetching orange safety helmet to go through a 'Today in History' list It transpires that on this World Peace and Understanding Day, a lot of Romans set about murdering other races; the Enola Gay was flown over Hiroshima; Nixon endorsed the bombing of Cambodia. and more recently Obergruppenfuhrer Trump wants the USA to be top of the pack when it comes to national arsenals. So much for World Peace. As regards Rotary, happy birthday us and in 1954, the first mass inoculation against polio was launched. Nearly there, nearly there
PARTING THOUGHT. Wendy gave us ' Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way at the right time' (Attributed to Arnold H Glasgow)
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Rachel Glasier & Jo Allum - Rotary Kickstart Award
Brad Hook - "How to Bounce Back - Fast"
Paora Stanley - CEO Ngāi Te Rangi Settlement Trust