03 February 2023

                                              Today in History 1931     

Deadly Hawke's Bay earthquake

When the earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck at 10.47 a.m., many buildings in central Napier and Hastings collapsed. In terms of loss of life (at least 256), it remains the worst civil disaster to have occurred in New Zealand.


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Bulletin Editor: Greg Brownless
Please note The Club has relocated to the Tauranga Citizens Club  170 13th Ave  while the Tauranga Club on Devonport road is under repairs.
Visitors:  Fraser and Kathryn Lellman (parents of Ellen Lellman, speaker)
Birthdays: Lynda Burch   02 February
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President Lynda thanks the Tauranga Citizen’s Club for steeping up to assist us while the Tauranga Club is under repair. She also thanked Les and Wayne for organising the venue.
17 to 19 March 2023. Help is needed over the weekend so if you are keen to assist please Contact David Robinson. If you can stay overnight great but even if you can pop up to assist for a few hours that will be apricated.
RYDAa program professionally developed by leading learning organisation, Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), is designed to complement the high school curriculum. RYDA features a highly engaging and memorable one-day workshop which front-loads students' understanding of road safety.
Dave McDonald participated in this driver and passenger training which was held at Bethlehem Centre. The students came from Mount College and ACG.There was a teacher and Rotarian at each of 6 workshops. Dave thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Volunteers are sought for the next session on 16 February.
Wayne spoke on behalf of Michele. This will take place on Sunday 12 March, with funds raised supporting the Graeme Dingle Foundation.
If you need more information pamphlets will be available next meeting or if you need  them emailed please let Wayne know.
Guest Speaker, Ellen Lellman, our Outward-Bound recipient
Ellen was introduced by temporarily redundant toast meister Neil. Having grown up in Tauranga, she now works as a lawyer and Judge’s clerk in the office of the Chief Justice, Wellington.
Ellen set the Outward Bound scene with a beautiful picture of the Marlborough Sounds. She participated in the Classic 21 day course. She styled her presentation to the club in the manner of a submission to a Court, which both entertained and informed our members.
Her reasons for attending the course included:
To better understand herself.
To empower those around her.
To have an epic time.
Teamwork and collaboration were all-important and came to the fore during the experience.
Ellen recalled some of her diary entries which were written when she was tired and delirious. As a foodie, she began each entry with a record of food consumed.
Rock climbing was particularly difficult, including a blind folded rock climb in which you had to show real trust.
She enjoyed some freshwater showers, which turned out to be standing under a leafy tree, shaking it so the water would run off.
Rainfall ranged from heavy, to torrential to Biblical.
2022 was the 60th Anniversary of Outward Bound.
She and her peers managed their social media withdrawal in the end.
The attendees were from diverse backgrounds and included participants form Germany, Australia and even Morrinsville.
Ellen enjoyed both being part of a team and on her own. The course taught the confidence to stand your ground. Outward Bound worked with the local tangata whenua to take care of the land.
She encouraged Rotary to continue the support of an Outward-Bound candidate. She also encouraged members to think of one extra way to contribute to society that they do not do already.
Outward Bound also breaks preconceptions of physical limits, working with those who have a variety of illnesses.
Ellen concluded by thanking the Club and in particular Dan, Rhonda and Dean.
Speaker Thanks
Lynda thanked Ellen for her enthusiastic and comprehensive presentation.
Glen asked if she had obtained the secret recipe for Outward Bound choc chip cookies.
Sergeant Bob
Bob was standing in as Sergeant. He said that 3 February was notable for not having anyone famous born that day.
But other important events had happened.
Napier Earthquake 1931.
1690 the first paper money printed in the USA to pay soldiers.
1870 the right to vote regardless of race, also in the USA.
The day the music died, the day the rights to American Pie were sold.
Parting thought: James Ross
James thought Snoopy might have said, “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, until you lose.”
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