BULLETIN 6 April 2018

Editor: Dave Woodhouse

Club Directors
President plus Wayne Shadbolt
Past President
Director Membership and Club Service
Director Community Service
Director International
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Director Foundation and Investment
If you wish to apologise or register a Leave of Absence Request, please use the links below. Any problems please use contact form and emails will be forwarded. Remember absences need to be submitted before 6 pm on Thursday to be credited. LOA's require board approval


Leave of Absence

Meeting Information
We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
Tauranga,  3000
New Zealand
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Today’s attendance:
Attend: 55
Apologies: 8
LOA: 1
Silent: 5
Total: 69
Visitors: None
  • For those who didn't get the overnight email, the decision on the election of officers for 2018/19 has been deferred
  • Mary O announced the death of past member Laurence O'Toole PHF. Both she and Sally waxed lyrical over his time in the Club and his involvement in the Vietnam visits
  • Michele promoted Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. If you didn't sign up, please make sure that your name is on the list. Michelle is also jumping out of a plane in support of the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Brave girl! Sponsor her via Give a Little
  • David the Duck Man plugged the sale of yellow fluffies in order to win guaranteed cash prizes next Sunday 15th April
A Special General Meeting then took place at which several issues were discussed. Full minutes and proposals are available to members via the Club website
Minutes on Frontpage of the website and only available to members who log in  If you ask you can receive a copy by email
SERGEANT DEAN finally got the floor at just after 8 am and cited one Barry Kidd who 'didn't like Sergeant Sessions – so pay up!' Short and sweet. (Reminds me of an incident in the UK when the guest speaker, a formidable military gentleman,  was kept waiting until almost midnight before being invited to speak. His opening gambit was ' Gentlemen, at times like this, I have two speeches – my long speech and my short speech. You have just heard the latter.' And sat down. - Ed)
Parting Thought
An impromptu parting thought from Roberta – 'This, too, shall pass'
 Duties for the next 3 weeks:(as received 11th March)
Dan Allen-Gordon
Barbara Whitton
Simon Beaton
Door & Parting Thought
Louise Miller
Erica Holtsbaum
Andy Cameron
Kevin Atkinson
Paul Brljevich
John Carlson
Speaker Intro & Host
Antoon Moonen
Shaun Piper
Speaker Thanks
Michele Beaton
Pauline Cowens
Larrisa Allen
Glenn Dougal
Kathy Webb
Bulletin Editor
Max Mason
Neville Whitworth
Steve Dorrington
Barbara Whitton
Dave Woodhouse
Rhonda Wisbey
Bryan Winters & James Grafas - The Living Wage
Mike Farmer - MD Farmer Motor Group Limited
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