On this day in 1967, New Zealand adopted decimal currency. Yay!



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Meeting opened by our new President Rhonda – and what a day for an Accountant to be in charge.
10 July – decimal currency day. The room was littered with dollar scholars
Jim Rickard (Kathy) and Amanda McFadden (Barbara)
Wedding anniversary Michele and Simon Beaton (Oh wow, both on the same day -there's a coincidence)
Greg Brownless 23 years in Rotary
Thanks to all those who attended the changeover. A great afternoon.
Also thanks for those who attended the This Is Us work shop on Sunday.
Mary – Liz Rapson is having more treatment and Barry Vercoe is out of hospital and back home hospital.
Rhonda advised if you want to change committees now is the time as we get settled into the new year.
This years committees:
Club Services – Wayne Shadbolt
Involved in running the club, speakers, duties and member participation. Wayne’s objective is to get everyone involved.
Community Services – Pat Taylor
Community activities and fund raising ie Treasured art, Distributing our special $25,000 grant to the community, collections etc.
Public Image & Events  - Les Geraghty
Local activities – This Is Us , Rotary social events such as Guess Who’s coming to dinner , film nights, car rally and much more.
International – Lynda Burch
Threads across the Pacific – Vanuatu
Connecting our club with international projects – focussing on the South Pacific.
New Generations – David Robinson
Key activities organising the RYPEN Camp -  a weekend with 50 year 10 students.
Support for youth programmes, Rotary Leadership awards, science school, driving programme for school students.
Rotary International has also advised  a new focus has been set up being Climate and Sustainability
Can we as a Club do more around this ??
This is a very exciting concept. Rotary set out to eradicate Polio – and achieved great success. How can we influence slowing climate change and increasing sustainability ??
Speaker – Our very own Mary O’Sullivan President 2001
A charter member of the club. The fist meetings were at the old Tauranga Club on this site, Moved away while the building was being developed then  moved back.
The club was renowned for having a good mix of male and female members and was very active in community project.
Also established the Vietnam  project led by Sally Morrison which had seen  significant help to  hospitals in Vietnam.
The club also participated in the K Valley Tree planning programme (and still does today).
Graham Cornes praised his wife for being  by his  side for so many  years .
In 1969 he owned his  first transistor radio and  listened to the first moon landing
With their B & B they have met some amazing people including:
The Ambassador for Pakistan, USA farmers and the guy who designed and built the engines to get the men off the moon.
Graham has also worked for NASA  for some time..
His profound thought is that  against all odds  it’s amazing what man kind can achieve when we all work together.

And finally: Don't be sad when a bird poops on your head. Be thankful that dogs can't fly.

Parting thought from Shiv Thamalla
Speak only when you feel your words are better than silence.