On this day in 1928, Australian pilots Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm crossed the Tasman in a Fokker tri-motor named the Southern Cross, covering 2670 km in 14 hours 25 minutes.

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Meeting started at 7.00am by Sergeant Pat Taylor saying Grace
President Rhoda confirmed there were no anniversaries, birthdays or Rotary membership anniversaries to be acknowledged.
Graeme Dingle Foundation Awards evening: Dan Allen confirmed that the awards evening has moved to November 17.
Facemasks: Dan also has Covid-19 reusable facemasks for sale as a Graeme Dingle fundraiser, 3 for $25
Collections Update: Wendy updated us on two collections coming up, Alzheimer’s on either September 18 or 25 – more likely the 25 and Blind plus Low Vision on October 16.    
‘This is Us’ He Waka eke Noa Exhibition roster: There are only eight spaces left on the roster, thank you to everyone who has volunteered. Ron Fyfe’s shift was extra special this week, hanging out with Jacinda Ardern. If you want to shortcut from here to add your name the link to the sign-up calendar is   
Sartorial Elegance Award: Goes to Warren Banks for his shoes (and socks). Shoe meeting proposed – (great idea, ed.)
Kaitiaki Award:  For quiet and exemplary service to Rotary went to Michele Beaton, A Rotarian since 1997 (and a Rotary helper before that), Michelle’s skills and contributions include being an entertainer, fund raiser, student exchange organiser and ‘Guess who’s Coming to Dinner’ maestro. She has jumped from planes for Graeme Dingle, helped Dress for Success move, schools restock libraries in Vanuatu, and now, and very importantly, is spearheading our new Enviro initiative. (And, as a whisky and haggis hater, is helping Simon organise Burns night!)
 A well deserved acknowledgement of Michel’s efforts for and with our club!
Guest Speaker: Simone Anderson and the team from the Incubator, introduced by Bill Chapman
Simone Anderson, Tanya Trass and Ayesha Kee updated us on the Incubator, the proliferation of ventures associated with the arts, stories, development and big plans for the Incubator Creative Hub and the Village. The Incubator is now seven years old, has six staff and seventeen resident artists, and is working to bring the arts to the community.
Back-to-back workshops are held, (including life drawing – volunteer models always welcome) and events now happen in the People’s Gallery, satellite studios, The Jam Factory (boutique concerts and performances) and the Okorore - Taonga gallery for indigenous artists.
Ayesha spoke to her role with the Incubator, as Business Relations Coordinator and Maori Liaison. She is keen to build links, source funding and create more collaborations with the community.    
Simone then thanked us for our collaboration with the Incubator in the recent ‘He Waka eke Noa’ exhibition, and expressed appreciation for the outstanding support they have from the community
Currently Tauranga City Council is reviewing the strategic plan for the Historic Village and Simon’s team’s vision is for it to be ‘The Soul of the City’. In the submission they are making to council are plans for further development of the Brook Street studios, Village Community Cinema, Social Fabric hub, The Fireplace and the Village Gallery. Developing also are the Artisan Villa studios, Village Music Colony, Sculpture Trail Park, The Photo bomb and The Test Tube.
This review of the village is timely as it builds a great opportunity to review the progress, continue the momentum of The Incubator Creative Hub and transform the village into its full potential. This will become a community art and culture destination, alive with vibrancy, diversity and open access to grassroots arts and culture.
Simone does not believe the village should be self-sustaining; it’s not a business precinct but a real asset to the city. The TCC community development team have done a great job in improving and managing the infrastructure and together with the Incubator can enhance and support ways that ratepayers investment can pay off in so many ways.

The Incubator want to provide a platform for social outcomes and community driven initiatives to thrive and Simone feels there is currently a disparity between the Village and the other Arts facilities, sports grounds and community spaces with the constraints of the current strategy.
Things that Simone would like all Rotarians to do:
Fill out the community survey for the new strategy to support our vision.
Please support our plans by voting “Creative Hub “.
 Sign up to the Incubator newsletter they can email through to
Share any funding sources with Ayesha and visit!
  • We need to do it together and start now
  • Tauranga is not only about the beach
  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
  •  This work is a positive story of social outcomes
Quick Quiz – What should the Village become?
Paul Belcaster won a magnificent prize basket with the answer “Soul of the City”.
Ken White, Chair of the Board for the Incubator, thanked Simone and the team and reminded us all what an asset this facility is to our city, and likened his role to keeping a team of runaway horse on track!
Raffle: won by Dan Allen
Mr Pat Taylor, QSM, of Tauranga, for services to the community.Sergeant:  Pat Taylor double fined Ron Fyfe and Kathy Webb for consorting with Jacinda Ardern this week, then shared some ‘Facts we should all know”, some of which are:
  • If you point your car keys to your head it increases the remote’s signal range
  • 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows
  • Playboy has been published in Braille since 1970
  • In 2007 Scotland spent $125,000 on a marketing campaign to devise a new national slogan. The winner was ‘Welcome to Scotland’
  • May 29 id National ‘Put your pillow in the fridge’ day
Parting thought from Kevin Atkinson:
 ‘Lead us not into temptation, just tell us where it is and we will find it!’
And finally: My buddy set me up on a blind date & said, "Heads up, she's expecting a baby." I felt like an idiot sitting in the bar wearing just a nappy.
This week’s genuine insurance claim: ‘The water in my radiator accidentally froze at 12 midnight.’
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