Community Service
Key Areas of Focus:
Projects that our Members and Community are committed to.
These include:
  • Befriender Programme Alzheimers Tauranga
  • K Valley Tree Planting
  • Sailability 
  • Foodbank
  • Other Programmes that help make the Bay Of Plenty a community we all want to live in and share
Funding Criteria:
Club funds will be distributed to meet the following purposes:
  • To fund Rotary programmes or participation in Rotary programmes.
  • To causes that reflect and promote the aims/purposes of Rotary international.
  • To support initiatives which provide high benefit to the wider Tauranga  area  Community (with a preference  for causes which  deliver a  better community especially  those with long lasting benefit).
Club funds will not be disbursed for the following purposes:
  • To fund travel and accommodation.
  • To fund pursuit of individual goals or for personal benefit except; in instances relating to Rotary programmes, scholarships, etc., or in circumstances where the individual and the programme/event are deemed exceptional as agreed by the Board.
Application form. Please fill in and return to Community Service Director or Club Secretary . Applications will be considered by the committee and recommended to Funding committee for support or to the Board if request is over $5000.00. Please provide all necessary documentation
Page Stories

Befriender Service:One of our highly valued services is our Befriender service. A trained volunteer is paired with the family of a person with dementia to give support in whatever is agreed as appropriate. This could mean visiting to provide much needed respite for the main care-giver and providing friendship and variety for the person with dementia.

Because of the complexity of this job considerable training is invested in our Befrienders and our families view them as a critical key to maintaining emotional safety in the family.

In the last financial year, the Befrienders provided 500 hours of voluntary time in the home (much more if we include travel time). The service currently costs $10,900 per annum and we hope to continue to be able to offer it free of charge, because the majority of the service users are on limited and/or fixed incomes. Find out more about the programme and to support the Alzheimer's Tauranga group, click here
Kopurererua Valley is a 300 hectare block of low lying rural land situated between residential neighbourhoods in Tauranga. Running from Judea in the north to Tauriko in the south, it's bordered by the neighbourhoods of Te Reti, Gate Pa, Greerton, Westridge and Cambridge Heights.
Our club supports the project each year with a contribution to trees and to tree planting. 
This project is a long term commitment and one that our club believes will support the environment, the cyclists and families for many years to come in the Bay of Plenty.