This humble capsule could save a life…

It could be someone you know, a stranger or even yourself.  Supplied with the pack of 3 capsules is a full unopened pack of 300 mg soluble aspirins, each of which could buy up to 60 minutes of time in the event of a heart attack. Be prepared should a heart attack strike you or someone in your presence!  

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Save-a-life capsules are the main way that Tauranga Sunrise raises money for our many projects both local and international. We believe that these capsules can save a life in many ways.
  1. A dissolvable 300 mg aspirin can give time for medial help to reach someone suffering a heart attach. We have several stories where this has actually happened.
  2. A capsule clicked to a key ring or a necklace can hold cab fare home.
  3. A capsule can hold essential information about the health of a person.
  4. A capsule can hold a small token that shows love and support in tough times.
The use of the capsule is limited to the imagination but our commitment is to help you save a life.
Find out more. Visit the webpage and ask how you can join our program or just purchase on for your club or business.
All capsules can be branded for client giveaways.