Warwick Copeland- Visiting Rotarian from the Downtown Club, Auckland, Christine Shadbolt, David Hurn, Jan Tinetti -Labour candidate for Tauranga
  • No morning meeting this Friday (7th). Changeover to be celebrated Friday at the Charthouse, Sulphur Point. Be there to help celebrate a great year.
  • Congrats to Andy Cameron who picked up the ‘New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Service to Export' award. He was recognised for his outstanding contributions within the Bay of Plenty business and export community.
  • Whiskey Tasting 11 July- as of  Friday there were still two tickets left - contact Dave Woodhouse to check availability.
  • Ron Devlin gave a brief chat about two institutions he has a passion for. Forty years in the Fire Service (now defunct), and 10 years of Friday Fives (still alive and kicking).
  • www:"There's no way to know how many people your life will influence. You don't know who is watching, listening, or learning from you." Charles Stanley 
  • Change Over - Wayne thanked those who had contributed to a successful Rotary Year - special mention to the Directors - Eric, Dan, Glennys, Roberta, Ursula,Dean and Warwick. Wayne greatly enjoyed his year: Everyone should be President at some stage he says (careful what you wish for - you might get ruffed)
  • Dan Allen-Gordon was then presented with a Paul Harris Fellow. A very popular choice, he managed to avoid having to take a selfie of himself receiving the award with some help from Larissa.
  • There was then a brief exchange of bling.
  • Rotary: Making a Difference is International President Ian Riseley's theme for the upcoming year. Short speeches will be Ursula's. "Rotary is not defined by who we are but by what we do" Goals for the year are Membership, Social Functions and selling Rotary. The new board is Pat, Barbara, Ray, Warren S, Julie, Eric and Roberta. If it isn't fun, don't do it is this years mantra (not to be used when the alarm goes off Friday mornings)
Guest Speaker - Jan Tinetti is the Labour candidate for Tauranga in the upcoming election. She is also principal of Merivale Primary, Tauranga's only decile one school, and one of only  four female Rotarians at Otumoetai Rotary Club. She is a passionate advocate for education, and is held in very high regard in the Education world (she didn't say that). She did tell some harrowing stories about smokes and knives in the playground, kids living in cars and bins embedded in blackboards. These stories made it to morning report which led to an option to run as the Labour candidate.
Thinking she didn't have a chance in the election she now finds herself listed at 14 with a likely career change in the wind. She is certainly tenacious as this was her third changeover this week! Thanks came from Rhonda
Seargent Session
Andy Cameron, fresh from the NZTE awards showed off that he had just finished reading a book on sequencing the humane genome - there were fines for blue eyes, ugliness, drunkeness, blackness, whiteness and the KKK. Common ancestry was a recurring theme although not sure how many generations back for some in the room. 
Parting Thought Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat - Malcolm Forbes/Grant Dalton